Kawasaki Z Owners Queensland 

Motorcycle Club

Welcome to the Kawasaki Z Owners Queensland 


Our club is based on the classic

Kawasaki Z900, Z1000 and Z1R series motorbikes.   


Membership Eligibility Rules


Full Membership to the club will be permitted where the person is the owner of one of the following motorcycles or a motorcycle powered by an engine from one of the following bikes:

                                  Any Z900, Z1000 and Z1R.

Other Z series bikes such as the Z200, Z250, Z400, Z500, Z650, Z750, Z1100, and Z1300 may be admitted as a full member at the discretion of the respective State Committee of Management however, the club will remain centered around the "classic" Z series Kawasaki as mentioned above.

Being an owner of a Z series bike and a full member does not mean that a person has to be an active rider and he/she may be a collector, be in the process of reconstruction/restoration and so on.  In these circumstances the person may bring any other bike along to any club event unless specified by the Committee of Management.



                                      Aims and Objectives :

  1. To work with other motorcycling bodies;
  2. To promote the Kawasaki "Z" series motorcycle;
  3. To promote and improve the public image of motorcyclists;
  4. To assist and be part of national and international Kawasaki "Z" owners clubs and / or associations.


We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the Motorcycle Sportsman's Club, 35 Crosby Road ALBION.   If you are thinking of joining our club come along to a meeting so we can check you out and you can check us out!





Kawasaki Z Owners Queensland

Address - 55 Martin Place, Tamborine QLD 4270

Phone - 0417 612 729

Email - zownersqldwebmaster@hotmail.com

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